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About Canovate Group

Canovate Group is the leading Technology Company of Turkey. It has been founded in 1979 as small as a dairy workshop  by  entrepreneurs  and  over  the  years  transformed  into  a  large  group  of  companies  of  Information Technology, Telecom, defence industry, heating / cooling, armor shields, electro optical systems sector and CanPark Shopping Mall & Hilton hotel.

Canovate is one of the top 10 global companies in terms of quality, technology and product portfolio in two main product  categories  “Data  Centers  and  end-to-end  Fiber  Optic  solutions”  founded  50  years  ago  in  the  spirit  of innovation and is a 100% Turkish company. Canovate manufactures in Istanbul Çekmeköy within closed area of 30 thousand square meters. Canovate is one of the leading companies in its field with 6 offices (America, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Morocco, Philippines) exporting 60% of its production to 72 countries.

In the developing world, “Knowledge” is now the most valuable asset says Mr. Can Gür, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Canovate Group. The first and only national company that develops and produces all the internal components  of  precision  air  conditioning  systems,  is  responsible  for  the  storage,  processing  and  submission  of information  to  the  users,  describes  the  vision  of  the  next  term  as  follows:  “In  the  15  years  from  2001  to  2016,  we invested over $ 20 million in R&D. As Canovate, we continue to allocate resources to R&D over an average of US $1.5 million each year, and we aim to keep our steady growth in innovation for the future without sacrificing from quality.“


About Us